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Before you get mad at those who do not choose you try to ask you if you buy your product forever?!?


OVOstudio Playing Card! JOLLY / Training: The term derives from the verb "form" or "shape". Its meaning, however, is not material, but refers to shaping the character, culture and professionalism of a person. It is a fundamental element for those working in the field of communication and advertising, given the fast and ever-changing industry.


Those very good care to improve when things go well.


Acquiring a new customer involves an effort five times higher than that of well need good one already conquered: time; power; costs; competition; confidence.


Companies today are looking for partners who demonstrate great sense of stability and confidence, because they want to protect what they own and managed to keep alive in recent years.


The dead come back to life in the surrounding area of ​​Padova in Halloween. The only way for us O-Team, to save your skin is to iniettarci a virus that transforms us into zombies for 48 hours. Only then (maybe) we unscathed overcome the horde of the undead, waiting for arrivals the dawn of a new day.


The communications agencies become indispensable when they manage to bring out the true essence of the brand and to make it appear for what it is.


OVOstudio Playing Card! JOLLY / IDEA: resulting in the ancient greek the verb "to see," is a term used since the dawn of philosophy to indicate primordial and substantial essence. In the advertising field this term refers to a basic concept of marketing action or a communication campaign, advertising and / or promotional.


A brand lives until it is powered by ideas.


They are very carefully chosen words we use and we utter when we present ourselves and our brand, because they identify who we are and how we think.


Replicate for improvement optic is fine, especially if what you did worked bringing real benefits to the brand, otherwise the risk has become superficial as those who are content copying and pasting.


Change sometimes means going beyond the strategy of "do what you need to do." To rejuvenate the brand need imagination and to dream.


The morning starts in the morning, as the result of the negotiation is seen from the first smile. Good re-start at all!


Reload the creativity! OVOstudio closes August 14 to 27. We will be back operating by August 28. To all of you wishes for a summer full of fun, carefree and goodies!


The customer is not always what it seems!


Even the big brands who need help and you can be that help. Big or small you are, what matters is how people perceive you.


Today July 31, 2017 we open the doors of our online store. An e-shop, in fact, and (dd) -shop where you can find creative gadgets signed OVOstudio. Let's start with the sale of our Playing Cards, a special deck of poker cards we have done in collaboration with the International School of Comics with the aim of supporting the John Celeghin NPO Foundation. What are you waiting, MAKE YOU BUNCH!


It sometimes happens that someone asks you, "Why has such a high price?" The answer we usually give is "Because what we offer has a reputation, a prestigious brand and identity!"