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Everyone likes always being told "You can do it!", a bit 'less know what it costs to do what he has decided to do.


Take life lightly, that light is not superficial, but glide on things above, not to have boulders on the heart. - Italo Calvino


The skills transfer begins by carefully selecting the people who will make up your "team". Just so you can optimize time and avoid squandering their intellectual capital unnecessarily.


The fault is of the same product, out of focus for your target market. No, the fault of the marketing strategy, indeed, the hype ... Sometimes it is not any of that, but just the fact that there is a good seller for every 100,000 people.


Whether it's people or brand to turn a creative success in a business we are what we are dealing with. To succeed does not mean conquering unconditional trust, it happens that when you help someone to achieve their goals these will be successful and nevertheless decides to turn the page.


The compensation is not enough. People are able to offer their best only if emotionally involved in the projects.


Only testing can discover interesting things. Get in the game approaching the young, but it requires courage.


Our brain is not where it is, but where we decide to be.


The holidays have arrived! We wish you moments of relaxation and fun with your friends ... whatever they may be. Good summer 2016, see you in September.


During some negotiations it is natural to wonder "Hmmm, who is offering an opportunity to whom?".


We live in a world of connected users who ALWAYS ALWAYS hungry for new content.


Customer: "Our strategy is very clear, we want the communication is addressed to the professional and the end user." Agency: "Hmmm ... what to say, this is not a strategy, two strategies are linked by an E."


Assume that the client understands and understands the process that leads us to determine our choices, is to marvel all its unreasonable reaction.


Creativity is the new cause to erupt into something "old."


Much of what we offer to our customers requires active participation in energy and also on their part. Get everything in exchange for nothing is not an option conceivable.


The serenity within an agency makes a difference on the quality of work offered. In this regard we hung incoming direct and unequivocal message motivational, to welcome in the best way our customers and to remember every day to ourselves that to make it exciting and enjoyable our job you need to take care of the details, avoid the banality and to smile.


Spring / Summer 2016 Shoes Collection Perfect to live in harmony and creativity this swinging "summer"!


We can look to the difficulties as mere obstacles to stem, or work to address them and commit ourselves to continue to raise our crossbar. The aternativa? Take it on the teeth.


"Mine is just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves hitting the sand. I knock people." Muhammad Ali 1942 - 2016


We do not tolerate longer wait, we do not know enjoy an event without being disturbed by phone, we expect to receive everything at once without considering that to do and teach to do things well done it takes the time it takes.