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Companies that are made only with ideals of profit, have an average life expectancy of about 20-25 years. Those who are born with the shared ideals of the founders and in addition to aim to gain share their values, have a good chance of going over 55 years.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... What makes you a leader? Capacity? Iron fist? It is well-liked? A strong voice? Or being able to do business with people who believe what you believe? Before for the quality offered by products and services, people will always choose for reliability and passion that you will be able to transmit. Credibility will be the most ironclad punch that you can deliver. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Every day can create new words, words used until now disappear, reappear forgotten words. Creativity is, also, not taking anything for granted!


OVOagenda2018, this week ... COMMON-CARE: ultra correction brand repair. A constant and proper care of the brand ensures a healthy image, bright, young and supple. Healthy skin, bright and nourished will always be able to enchanted, even with the signs of the passage of time. Similarly a healthy brand, fed and cared for by a careful communication, will always generate the charm is the much desired WOW effect. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Have you ever come across in photos of Russian prisons prisoners in Soviet times? Their bodies were a real canvas on which he was told the criminal history of the body's owner. Without special techniques and pictorial knowledge and with makeshift equipment, the prisoners created veritable works of art on their bodies. It is not, perhaps, this creativity? What do we mean by the concept of "creativity"? Let's talk about!


OVOstudio Playing Card! Ace of Clubs / Vision: Projecting a future scenario that reflects the ideals, values ​​and aspirations of the company.


It is no coincidence if the professionals who understand you and know how to translate the most of your projects are those that cost more than 100 euro per hour.


Happy New Year! For this new beginning we invite you to look at these 365 to 365 new days as new opportunities to be seized. And if you like our OVOagenda know you can buy it in our e-shop!


Whatever your profession be inspired by the world around you trying to give value to small things every day. Happy Holidays from the entire staff of OVOstudio. We see you on January 8th!


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If the first impression you talking to us will be to get in front of people you do not ... Nobody can understand it well, then perhaps it might be worth reviewing with your communication.


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