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Every now and again you come across someone who wonders why the magical things happen out of the comfort zone.


In life, half of the failures result from holding your own horse when going to jump. - Julius Hare


The authority is not always enough, sometimes you need to have the authority to enter the field. Especially when those who practice it do so for the benefits of his team.


The creativity, even the "bad" creativity is always creativity. As the seismic technicians fake, actually jackals, that after the earthquake that devastated central Italy are back in action crafting ad hoc scams to trap the earthquake victims.


When IDEAS ARE LIVING THINGS ... The March 24, 1975, after attending the meeting between the boxing world champion Muhammad Ali and a little-known boxer, Chuck Wepner, Sylvester Stallone is the inspiration and writes in three days his first screenplay. The November 21, 1976 ROCKY out, a low budget film that turns 40 today and that will make Stallone famous around the world.


No event is happy or sad, the event is neutral. What characterizes him is the meaning we attach to it mentally.


Monday is Halloween, OVOstudio invites you to play! These days you can transform into the monster you prefer and enter the murky atmosphere of the scariest night of the year. Choose your monster and share it!


Stop and think scares! It is interpreted counterproductive as it slows down the process. Just do not then become necessary continuous stop to fill the boxes.


The bright words should serve to clarify, while many people use them to deceive other people.


During an interview in 2010, the actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has encouraged all women to "Vajazzle their vajayjays". The next day the term Vajazzle (vaginal + bedazzle) has become the most sought after on Google today is a decorative form trendy in vogue among the fashion addict.


Businesses planning to succeed know how to keep high levels of motivation and manage inter-generational relationships. The next challenge: to align DIGITAL NATIVES for which the "virtual" is actually as much as the real one.


In DIGITALS NATIVES not care what happened before them in the company. When you're 20 years old want to do the story, you do not want to learn it.


After the summer holidays, in fact, it is the holiday season that concentrate most of the marketing strategies and communications companies.


Give people a chance to choose and merge with the possibility of making mistakes.


Everyone likes always being told "You can do it!", a bit 'less know what it costs to do what he has decided to do.


Take life lightly, that light is not superficial, but glide on things above, not to have boulders on the heart. - Italo Calvino


The skills transfer begins by carefully selecting the people who will make up your "team". Just so you can optimize time and avoid squandering their intellectual capital unnecessarily.


The fault is of the same product, out of focus for your target market. No, the fault of the marketing strategy, indeed, the hype ... Sometimes it is not any of that, but just the fact that there is a good seller for every 100,000 people.


Whether it's people or brand to turn a creative success in a business we are what we are dealing with. To succeed does not mean conquering unconditional trust, it happens that when you help someone to achieve their goals these will be successful and nevertheless decides to turn the page.


The compensation is not enough. People are able to offer their best only if emotionally involved in the projects.