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OVOstudio Playing Card! Ace of Spades / Customer: Who normally makes use of someone's performance or purchase products, goods and / or services from a vendor or partner.


Creativity is a renewable resource to which everyone can draw at any time and yes it is a process that can be transferred.


You have not ideas? Get on your knees and began to kiss anything that even remotely looks like an ass. A brand lives until it is constantly fed by the ideas, those of creative partners, but also those that are born and grow in the company. Finite ones, the alternative is only one and you will not like. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Go you also to nEW orange side of the force!


Feeling motivated is to have a reason to take action! That's what we tell ourselves (inner language) that drives us to achieve our goals. Everyday.


There is no campaign to speak at all, because it would mean not to tell anyone. "All" is not the answer to the question of what our target. In the communication the quantitative aspect has never been a discriminating factor, since the level of interest and involvement of the public for what they offer. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


5 The soft skills most relevant in 2020? Problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, ability to manage people, coordination skills. Eventually the mother was right when he said, "Behave yourself, be polite and think with your head."


BE COMPETENT does not mean they are the best or the best, means having the ability to play a role. It is no longer enough to have specific skills, must be able to do well what is expected of that role. Having desire to return to learning to learn.


We, our brands, our communication, we share all the same mission: to make ourselves and our diversity. In an age so full of ideas and proposals, customization and "custom" elements are the basis of the value of construction products and services. It not differentiate enables customers to lower the choice of the price floor, obviously lower. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


"Europe 2020 Strategy". What is it? As a program for growth and employment, which began in 2014 and should be completed in 2020. Many of the points and the goals set out by this strategy, regarding not only the world of work, but also research and development, education, poverty and social exclusion, climate change and energy.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... People do not listen if you do not understand what you say and do not find you attractive if you do not say it in an original way. Once the message according to the criteria of simplicity and clarity, tone, color, the vibrations generated by the communication will be the only elements able to make inroads in the attention of our audience you need to point to the originality:. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


It counts as accounts and results that reach (and do achieve), not so much how much time you spend in the office.


Kindness is not optional, it is not improvised, it is not only a beautiful quality. It is a path to marketing stages.


OVOstudio Playing Card! 10 of Hearts / Copyright: Paternity intellectual copyright. English term, today adopted internationally.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... People listen to us first with the eyes, then the ears, heart and finally with his head. Our party is willing to sense the passion, determination and strength that led us to the realization of a project. It will be to convince the soul, before the "content" of our real idea. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Working on your brand means to stop waiting for others to change.


Life gives you the customers you deserve. Sometimes even those who do not deserve it, but just to make you understand the difference and put you in a position to adapt accordingly.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... We work hard to create the rules that will define our image, ignoring sometimes the instincts that could nourish their true strength. The rules are basic, but the risk is to fossilizzarvisi too, not giving heed to the deepest instincts. The same ones that allow us to characterize us as individuals or unique brand. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


"You know what? Next week we all go on a trip, "these are the words that one February morning our art director said in front of the Agency met. In a trip? At our age? And where? The surprise was so great when we were informed that we will have visited the headquarters of Grafiche Antiga ... Why visit the site of one of the largest printing companies in the country? Come to order, we do not reveal the ending!


OVOagenda2018, this week ... Let him decide to your customers, your users, the industry leader is unattainable. The magnitude of a brand depends on how it perceives himself, before that as they watch others. Convince of its magnitude is the most complex step, but also the most constructive, that we can make in its growth process. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!