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There are several ways to get to know, one of these is in an exceptional way. The price scare only those who did not clear the result it wants to achieve.


... When the brief for holistic / integrated development of the new communication project is limited to the phrase "I want to be impactful."


Social tools are to be used for what they were designed, not for what you want to do for you!


Change is one of the few certainties of our lives and never as in this time of "contamination" is a must wonder where it will take us the "liquidity" of this company.


You can no longer sell "only" products or services, people expect solutions. Even better, experience. Each project is different because YOU are different!


We are so immersed in the logic of the market do not realize that the experiences that we live, in any situation of personal and working life, are those who enrich our existence and that no one, not even the market will be able to question.


The inner self of the creative urges him sometimes to think outside the box. Some call it instinct, and believes it is essential for success.


March 8 ... best wishes to all the women who are looking for the magic, the magic, the dream, who shun what is assumed to follow its unpredictable nature.


Those involved in communication should, first of all, consider that people are so busy that they are unable to pay attention to advertising.


Friday, 17, from recurrence considered especially unlucky for some business opportunity for many.


Each of us responds differently to emotions, attending an event, watching an advertisement, as it happens when we say or we say I LOVE YOU. Happy Valentine's Day.


You can do everything, the question is: how much it costs (time, money, people ...) to do what we set out to do?


Knowing how to properly evaluate a co-worker is not just whether he's good or not good at his job, but even if it works or not within the system.


A content should be created to its image, their communication, their own brand.


Focus on the best possible future for the company allows us to eradicate depression and brighten our activities having fun.


What is the best way to welcome a new year? Throw open the doors and let take its course as it should! By changing and renewing itself. Indeed, we have decided that the best way to start the new year was to get away and get dressed in our best clothes: a new site.


Stop and think scares because it most often is interpreted unproductive as it slows down the process. But then we are used to constant updates to fill the boxes. Good restart ... reasoned!


Inevitable appointment with Christmas videos OVOstudio! This year we have involved those of Christmas it will be: children. We made infected by their enthusiasm and helped them realize their dreams. A little 'what we do every day with all the people and companies who come into contact with us. Merry Christmas!


There is no RIGHT or WRONG, but there PROPER OBJECTIVE. (The Rape of Europa - Maarten de Vos, 1590)


People perceive if what we give is really valuable, whether we realize it by heart, if we tell the truth.