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OVOricetta the Perfect Marketing Manager! Skill, knowledge and skills of those who work in and for marketing. With the OVOarticolo This month we want to impress. We do not talk about social networks, corporate identity, training, but ...


If we make so much effort to make our voices heard it is because people have learned to defend themselves from miscommunication. The communication overload in which we are engaged has made us unaware of the great good communication selectors. To leave a mark we must aim to the quality of our message and quell'immancabile dose of creativity. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


The obviousness of the day ... As we dialogue with our brand influences the thought and the thought influences the actions. Who we are and how we are perceived depends on how we speak and how we communicate every day. Obvious right?!?


The brain does not distinguish action really lived by a vividly imagined. Think about when the proposals coming out of your communication agencies will seem a bit 'weird!


If we know the people we talk to, we know how to address them, and how to adapt our message. Talk like eating your listeners. Words, messages, sounds, colors, must be calibrated to your audience and to do that you have to learn to perfection. No improvisation! If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Today, June 19, 2018 marks the centenary of ... "Ferrari, put on your cars prancing horse of my son. It will bring you luck." This advice to Enzo Ferrari by the Countess Paolina De Biancoli, mother of Francesco Baracca. Italian aviation ace and a gold medal for military valor, during World War II adopted the emblem of the "Piedmont Cavalry" as a personal emblem for claim the personal military origins and love for horses. Enzo does not need to be told twice, he took the FLIGHT luck is in red rode at full speed. (Francesco Baracca 05/09/1888 - 19/06/1918)


Write what will be our company's vision is a little 'how to answer the question: what will you be? Never take it for granted. Too often we are committed and focused to define us in the present, without thinking that tomorrow is already knocking at our door and must find ourselves ready to welcome him. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


OVOstudio Playing Card! 7 of Diamonds / Editorial Design: design and planning of aditoriale material such as magazines, catalogs, brochures, flyers, house organs, etc.


Our mind is the average 60,000 thoughts a day ... you want that among them there is not a bright idea from which to start a good project?!? On come on, come on ...


Those very good care to improve when things go well. Personal growth should be steady and dropped over time and in context. Only by cultivating positive moments in the passion and drive for improvement we can exploit them as forces in our favor even in times of trial and challenge. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


80% of neurons is activated from the hands. Think about it next time you hold a hand ;-)


OVOcuriosità ... Who tells you that selfies is a "stuff" Modern can always answer that in fact there are already those who if he did in 1920 ;-)


Because an idea enters the bloodstream people have to want to play with, participate actively and then spread it. Consumers are increasingly consumAUTORI of brand communications. Interest is the only way to make you feel involved in the communication process and that rielaborino and share the message in their own words and from their audience. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


The followers of privacy and stress ... with OVOstudio it is always safe! All data in our possession will continue to be handled in a responsible and transparent ;-)


"Whatever path you choose, be it medicine or business, engineering or the humanities, whatever you drive your passion, be the last to accept the notions that the world leaves you as an inheritance. Be the last to accept the excuse that you already know how the things should be done. ". These are the words of Tim Cook at the commencement address at Duke University. Why not consider them at all trivial? Find out in the article!


Never take anything for granted because what is obvious to you may not be for someone else.


If someone asks you "Why has such a high price?" The answer I can give is "Because what I offer you has a reputation, a prestigious brand and identity." There are several ways to get noticed, one of these is the exceptional way. The price scare only those who did not clear the result it wants to achieve. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


PROJECT MANAGEMENT, the most democratic system ever since it does not reference the hierarchy, but is based on the specific skills of each member of the work group.


We have attended many events INDUSTRY 4.0 in this period and the common denominator is always the same, the lack of culture (read willingness to understand, understand and accept change by many companies), although many companies are well placed to bestow " for free".


Each brand after building their comfort zone has a duty to get out. Do what you have always done door to get what you always got. The fossilization will never allow the qualitative leap that enterprises aim. You must experience, push your limits, surprising and amazing to get results that you have not yet thought of. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!