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Brand identity and coordinated image

Do you want to build or revitalize your brand’s coordinated image? OVOstudio will help you to define a solid brand identity.

Establishing your brand is a serious matter and defining its identity is even more so. We are not simply talking about the choice of name and logo; by brand identity we are also referring to the complex network of tangible and intangible values that the company, with its logo, vision, and mission wishes to convey, and the perception of these values as seen from outside the company.

OVOstudio will strengthen your brand and make it consistent, recognizable, and a direct expression of the corporate soul.

Through a communication strategy that comprises:



Establishing the name, logo, company claim, and related guidelines to create each project in a coherent and consistent way.

Corporate identity

Creating the corporate identity, i.e. the business cards, letterheads, document holders, HTML signatures, and company presentations, so that the company is perceived in a clear and coordinated way.


Advertizing campaigns created with the goal of achieving brand recognition, ensuring that customers remember the company.


Catalogs, brochures, and manuals made for commercial reasons, events, etc.

House organ

Company magazine and house organ for communicating information on the internal organization, news, products, and the progression of the company itself on the market.


Commercial flyers for sectors such as the large scale retail outlets, to inform the consumer quickly and incisively on company promotions.

Visual communication

Outlets set up with visual communication (POP) materials for effective presentation of products and services.


Packaging products designed and manufactured with the goal of functional communication of the product characteristics.

Do you want to discover some of OVOstudio's works?

Abbazia di Spineto

Estate extending about 800 hectares within the municipality of Sarteano, in the province of Siena.


Gallery dealing with artistic research between the years 1960 and 1970, with focus also on emerging names.


A men's and women's clothing company of the major ‘Made in Italy’ fashion brands, since 1998.

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