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These clients have already chosen us.


A group that directly develops and manages points of sale in the selective perfumery, home bathroom decor, and pet food sectors.

Creative and communicative: capable of realizing the spirit of brand. Well done !!!

Ermelinda Gentile - Comune di Veggiano


A company par excellence in residential real estate brokerage in Padua, with advanced sales and purchase services.

"We asked OVOstudio to immerse themselves in our start-up to redesign our style and communication, aligning with our customers in a modern and up-to-date way. This was done in a clever and professional manner"

Nicola Sartore - AD Nutritional Project

Psicologia Creativa

Project designed by a psychologist aimed at supporting the individual and the group through the healing process to the process of creative self-expression.

"We collaborated with OVOstudio for the launch of the Tricló service and I can say that it was a great experience. They are nice guys, dynamic and, it goes without saying, very creative"

Ermes Ros - AD PostEx

Sice Impianti industriali

Sice is a company with over fifty years of activity, specialized in the design and construction of electrical systems.

"I discovered OVOstudio through a collaborator whom I hold in high esteem and who introduced me to this highly professional agency. We were given support during all phases of the GEMMA VERDE competition: from the initial brief to the strategic and creative proposal, from planning to implementation, up to verification of the results. They are a continually proactive team, with great interpersonal skills and an excellent propensity for problem solving. Now, with the new year, we have a series of events planned, so it’s full force ahead. We are a very strong team together."

Patrizia Caldart - Responsabile Private Label Aspiag Service Srl


Well-established brand with over 50 years of experience in the production of industrial, gas and electric cookers, for small- and large-scale catering.


A company offering technological solutions in the industrial electronic sector.

"Mauro was immediately receptive to my needs. He tried to understand what the goal was, but he didn't just go along with everything: he was a guide who, with the graphic skills that I don’t possess, found the compromise between what I wanted and what was functional in terms of the image of my brand. The result, as far as I'm concerned, is beautiful: intimate, original, and unexpected. Very ‘me’."

Noemi Fiorentino - Psicologia Creativa

De Bona

New, used, and kilometre-zero car dealer and authorized workshop offering after-sales assistance, car rental, and financial services.


Winery founded in 1968, located in the Montello and Colli Asolani DOC and Asolo DOCG areas.

"When professionalism is combined with talent, passion, and engagement, excellent results follow, and this is what happened in our 10-year collaboration with Mauro, who has been able to translate our projects into images, colours, and communications "

Paolo Davanzo - VEBI Istituto Biochimico.

Vecam Co

Vecam Co has been producing and marketing accessories and components for air conditioning and ventilation for 20 years.


One of the world's leading brands in the production of ski goggles and helmets, and sunglasses and eyeglasses.

"What I liked about OVOstudio is that they convey passion in what they do. That’s a foundation that you really need in a communication agency."

Michela Zambotto - AD Zapi SpA


Historical brand (1957) producing metal and fireproof closures, both for residential and industrial use.

"OVOstudio: colors, friendliness, and creativity, with an excellent result!"

Giannandrea Dubbini - AD Diemme SpA


Company that deals with the design and manufacture of medical devices for the diagnosis and management of eye diseases.


Gallery dealing with artistic research between the years 1960 and 1970, with focus also on emerging names.


Zero-impact urban distribution company which uses environmentally friendly vehicles

"What can I say about OVOstudio? In my experience their strengths have been accuracy and competence, and an unusual, ironic creativity. It is a close-knit team, so the client can easily obtain different skills from a single studio."

Paolo Fornasiero - AD REEOS Immobiliare

Caffè del Doge

One of the most famous old artisan roasting companies in Venice, located a stone's throw from the Ponte di Rialto.

Berica Chef

A Venetian company that has been dedicated to catering since 2001 with the brands: L’Albero / Italia a tavola / Tarantella che pizza!


Design and consultancy studio for the development and production of technical, athletic, and casual footwear.

"OVOstudio is quite simply an agency of competent, creative, effective, and very, very nice people."

Alessio Palermo - CPO Zac Srl


One of the 5 main brands owned by the Safilo Group, a world leader in the premium eyewear sector.


ETEX Group, producing waterproof coatings for ventilated external facades and roofs.

Centro Serenamente

Multipurpose center aimed at promoting well-being in teenagers.

"An engineering firm is not an easy customer, there is no product to promote, nor an advertising campaign to plan. Our goal was to renew our image and our tools, and we have achieved that. OVOstudio was able to interpret the Protecno character and spirit, perfectly representing them in the new logo, in the corporate book, and on the website."

Dott. Ing. Elena Adami - AD Protecno Srl

Nutritional Project

Dynamic food organization that develops food supplements for health and physical well-being


Company that has been dealing with environmental recovery and garden design for two generations.

Excellent communication studio, graphics, websites, marketing, etc! A special note goes to Enrico, very well prepared and always available!

ALberto Villari - CEO - Sice Impianti

Zucchetti Software

Among the most important players in the Italian economy and undisputed point of reference in the ICT sector

New Energy

Wellness, fitness, bodybuilding, and beauty center.

"Collaborating with OVOstudio has been a real pleasure. The originality and diversity in the design and concepts offered to us, as well as the emphasis placed on giving the emotional aspect the right attention, has allowed our group to turn UBGEN into a company that stands apart. Congratulations to all the O-Team."

Marco Manno - CEO Essemme Components Srl


Company that has been producing and marketing molds for the global glass industry since 1976.


Brand that produces and markets innovative products aimed at the design/architectural world.


Pharmaceutical biochemical institute founded in 1944, which then moved on to the production of chemical products with biological activity.

"We have been collaborating with OVOstudio for several years as it offers a truly comprehensive service. I thank OVOstudio for helping us over the years to present our products in an innovative way and bringing our ideas to life."

Fabio Scolaro - Marketing Manager Scolaro Srl


Company specializing in the marketing of perfumery products, and home and personal hygiene.


Engineering company founded in 1986 with focus on the study of large hydraulic works, using physical models.

ITS Italy

Company specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of dental medical devices.

Porsche Padova

Official Porsche dealer. For years the direct sales centre of Porsche Italy.

"OVOstudio has always proved to be a very precise and punctual agency. Both my staff and I have benefited enormously."

Luisa Alchini - Presidente Centro Internazionale del Libro Parlato


One of the most prestigious brands in the world in the field of racing bike parts.


Professionals distributing products for itinerant tourism.

Diemme Caffè

The company was founded in Padua in 1927, the year in which Romeo Dubbini decided to devote himself to his great passion for coffee.

Great quality! High-level professionals who know how to listen and sew a tailor-made communication project!

Giacomo Milesi - Perform Personal Trainer

Best Light

Perfumeries offering a wide range of professional products for beauty and body care.


Video & photo production company in operation since 1997, guaranteeing experience and reliability to satisfy all needs within the advertising field.

PostEx Pony Express

Founded in Milan in 1983, the company deals with urgent deliveries, these days doing so with zero impact.

Pizza New

Pizza New SpA has been operating in the pizza market for over 20 years with a franchising network, professional training courses, and a specialized newspaper.


Maxistore offering the largest assortment of home care and detergent products


Wood craftsmanship for cutting-edge technical solutions and innovative designs.