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The customer is not always what it seems!


Even the big brands who need help and you can be that help. Big or small you are, what matters is how people perceive you.


Today July 31, 2017 we open the doors of our online store. An e-shop, in fact, and (dd) -shop where you can find creative gadgets signed OVOstudio. Let's start with the sale of our Playing Cards, a special deck of poker cards we have done in collaboration with the International School of Comics with the aim of supporting the John Celeghin NPO Foundation. What are you waiting, MAKE YOU BUNCH!


It sometimes happens that someone asks you, "Why has such a high price?" The answer we usually give is "Because what we offer has a reputation, a prestigious brand and identity!"


If what we offer is of value the price will be just a detail of the negotiation.


When organizing an event, the first thing to consider is that the more negative memories are fixed in the memory of people, including our own.


Paolo Villaggio is missed, the rag. Ugo Fantozzi is immortal.


For all those who ask everything at once, perfectly and cheaply.


Because a team functions all components are required to employ the same intensity, even the leaders. Being an accelerator too strong or a limit for the team leading the team to work evil, which most often means to achieve the goals.


Be proud to have produced mediocre content and then pour them in the web, equivalent to fecilità child while watching his poop in the potty.


Sometimes to find something interesting you have to experience. Beware of those who has all the answers.


We had the unique opportunity to participate in two different classes of public speaking and common inspiration that we brought home is the challenge that we want to launch yourself: are we really so trained to win?


Who does our job has the task of demonstrating how communication can make a difference and that in some cases the irony can give you a priceless feeling of freedom.


Communicate your desire to learn creates empathy with people.


In each of us there is the strength to do more of what we do.


Good communication should be worn as a dress, I'll have to feel good on you, you have to try a nice feeling, you must feel nice.


The task of a good communicator is to constantly feed their curiosity and preparation. From the sharing of needs, ideas and views among member agencies was born a training program structured signed UNICOM, with the aim of generating value for the Association and all revenue agencies already in contact with it or that soon we will enter.


Writing for the eyes or write to your ears? The approaches are very different. Ask the copy!


The stability, that we seek our nature, more often clashes with the rapid evolution which we are subject and which bases its core values ​​in change.


Smiling is a really good form of communication. There is a reason or a condition for which it is worth not to.