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Web & Digital

Communicate your company’s message online: OVOstudio will establish the most effective web and digital strategy for your business

In January 2018, the number of users connected to the internet worldwide rose to 4 billion people. More than half of the world's population is online. This is why working out an appropriate and comprehensive web and digital strategy is essential for communicating the company’s message, as well as its products or services.

OVOstudio will build your online communication in a coherent and strategic way, so that your customers can easily find you right there, in the place where they spend their working and personal time.

The OVOstudio web agency deals with:


Web sites

Designing customized websites, which are responsive and created according to the most innovative web usability recommendations. These can be interfaced with company management systems.


Creating specific software for content management (such as banners, articles, images, and links) within websites, for easy integration of expansion and content.

Web applications

Design and implementation of applications for mobile content, with the possibility of structuring isomorphic apps, based on the same client-side and server-side language.


Creating strategies aimed at increasing the visibility of a website on search engines, without sacrificing the company’s identity and image consistency.


Defining email marketing campaigns, structured according to the concepts of customization, creativity, and information.

Web Analytics & Reporting

Data analysis and its integration with a more in-depth investigation of all the variables involved (target, investment, adherence to the initial strategy, etc.).

Do you want to discover some of OVOstudio's works?

Abbazia di Spineto

Estate extending about 800 hectares within the municipality of Sarteano, in the province of Siena.


The Swegon group designs and develops products and solutions in the Commercial Comfort Cooling, Technological Cooling, and Data Cooling fields


A men's and women's clothing company of the major ‘Made in Italy’ fashion brands, since 1998.

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