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Prize competitions

For events and prize competitions OVOstudio is the right partner

The figures speak for themselves: prize competitions are one of the most interesting marketing levers, both for B2C and B2B marketing. Many psychological levers are put in place to draw the consumer in, and there are a lot of benefits for the brand following a competition event.

OVOstudio can offer you support and help you create your prize competition, taking care of every detail and winning over even the most skeptical consumer. Are you ready to win?

What are the strategic and operational steps in creating a prize competition?



Defining the game mechanics both on and offline according to the objectives of the company.


Drafting regulations detailing the mechanics, prizes available and how to win them, and participation timing and validity, all to protect not only the consumer but also the company.

Bureaucratic formalities

In the beginning phase, this will entail registration of the regulations and actuation of the deposit at the Ministry; in the closing phase of the competition, this entails signing of the minutes (for the mechanics requiring it).

Creating the graphics

Creating the creative image of the prize competition and disseminating it on all media to which the company has access (packaging, POP, website, social media, billboards, editorials, etc.).

Developing a responsive platform

Creating gaming platforms for online sweepstakes, which can be accessed immediately from all devices, to allow easy participation.

Customer service

Support for participants on the agreed platforms, both during the contest participation phase and in the final phase of winner coordination.

Marketing activities

Communication strategies that spread knowledge and awareness of the initiative to promote participation of the target audience, through campaigns, content for corporate websites, and blogs and social channels.

Event organization

Creative design of engagement events during the initial phase and organization of the final awarding event (space design, speakers and testimonials, catering service, etc.).

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Italian chain of perfumeries aimed at women and designed for women.

Concorsi a premi

OVOstudio ON-LINE and OFF-LINE competitions and prize awards, from the creative concept to the termination of the event, created to draw active participation by users and generate affection for the brand.


Aspiag Service Srl Group, dealer of the DESPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR brands within North East Italy.

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