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March 19, 2018 ... Happy Birthday to all daddy ;-)


How important is it to work on the brand? In Italy, for example, we know that the first generation is the one that GENERATES, the second usually follows the first by osmosis, the third is statistically the most critical, as it tends to move away from mission and vision of those who gave life to everything. Times change and people change. But if the brand is strong it can always be a reference point for the generations to follow, fourth, fifth, sixth ...


OVOstudio Playing Card! 2 of Clubs / Community: It is a virtual community or online community. In the common exception indicates a set of people interested in a certain topic, which communicate with each other through a telematic network. The aggregation of the community is not necessarily bound to the place or country of origin because, being on-line community, anyone can participate wherever they are with easy access to networks, leaving messages on forums, participating in discussion groups or via chat rooms and instant messaging programs.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... The simplicity as a trump card. Subtract the obvious and adding the meaningful. The surplus creates "pollution" and lack of clarity. Delete it allows you to bring out the true meaning of our communication with immediacy, simplicity and, above all, effective. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


To design and develop a communication plan for us is equivalent to a journey. First, the stimulus is stronger if the journey is new ... we then take care to identify the most suitable shoes for us and our customers, what steps to take together, and especially what we want to leave footprints.


What's the weather like? More recently, so organized, or get busy ;-)


March 8, 2018 ... Best wishes to all the women!


Some marketers should remember that their credibility is measured, even from people they surround and the boundaries within which they agree to make them move freely.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... Advertising should cheer you up, choke you, give you the creeps, even make you faint. Strategy, consistent, goal, target, message ... all more than correct! But be careful not to forget the emotion, only ingredient that can generate in us the desire to belong, to make us dream and feel alive. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Worth more ounce of reputation that a hundred pounds of gold. (Proverb)


For a more creative brand, which does not require that its logo appear larger or is positioned further to the right, more to the left or more to dell'impaginato center. For a brand whose mission and vision are distinctive and clear for everyone. For a brand whose values ​​are properly indexed. For all this and much more choose OVOstudio. OVOstudio: your new communications agency that believes in the power of ideas.


In our planet and in this particular historical moment there is a definite non-renewable resource, which hardly pay attention, even though it systematically over our mouths: time. For this reason we have created a consulting OVOstudio day to be held within the company, with the aim of deepening the concept of briefs and organizing workflow. Who has time saves nine! ;-)


OVOagenda2018, this week ... The fact that something appears to us difficult, does not mean it's impossible. In golf out of the bunker is a difficult task. You can not touch the sand in the test movements and calculations and estimates are needed to release the ball properly. In life it is the same. It is a game of balance and instinct, calculation and clarity even in the most complex phases, without forgetting that nothing is impossible, until proven otherwise. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


If the creative was concerned not to commit errors most likely it would risk losing its essence!


Sometimes it happens that people choose you because they have no alternative, while other times they do it because they are looking for alternatives. It is our task to help them focus on the objectives.


Wednesday 21 and Thursday, February 22, we were present at the Global Summit Marketing & Digital Easy Contest to showcase companies that have expressed a desire to learn more about world events online and offline awards. And if they were to win ... not only your customers? Ready to win? Easy Contest: The winning marketing if you believe it.


OVOagenda2018, this week ... Good advertising is like a Trojan horse: out attractive while the core is directed to a specific target. Point to the shape of our message, without paying attention to its content, equivalent to light a fire of straw, which burns and is consumed in a short time. The shape is critical to attracting, content to win. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


Patti clear and long friendship .... We will not be among those who today will make wishes for Valentine's Day. But we do not want to miss the opportunity of an important reflection, that just by love and its expression can be born. What is the fundamental OVOingrediente to the success of any relationship? Find out in our article!


OVOagenda2018, this week ... When organizing an event, the first thing to consider is what are the negative memories those that attach greater in people's memory. Including ours. In the organization of an event taking care of every single detail it is critical to its success, as much as the ability to manage and resolve the unexpected, always ready around the corner. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


OVOstudio Playing Card! Ace Of Diamonds / Mission: ultimate purpose of the enterprise, the same justification of its existence and what sets it apart from all others.