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Thanks to all the customers, employees, partners and all those who helped make this magnificent first 10 years of OVOstudio! Let the party begin! ;-) #OVOstudio #vitadaOVOstudio #HappyBirthday


To all of you the best wishes for Happy Holidays! See you on January 7, recharged and ready to a new year. #OVOstudio #OVOXmas


Halloween is the perfect time to pull out of the closet skeletons. So ... Do you have any interesting project left on stand-by because you were unable to dedicate time and resources? Do you feel can be reviewed and developed with more care? You feel a little 'guilty for not having guaranteed the right momentum and we would have kept hidden? Let's talk about! Because good communication should not fear their own shadow, even on Halloween!


Brand Advocate: People satisfied with your product or service who identify with the values ​​and patterns of behavior that your brand that inspires and leads them, as well as to recommend it, to support it and in some cases to defend it. How many accounts among your customers? Call us so we talk about it!


Sometimes we get the result of a collaboration is greater than the sum of its parts.


How to build a successful brand? How about combining together specialists, talent and long-term vision. Of the world it is full spin doctors and figures from which distrust. Communication skills are increasingly in vertical and abrupt change. The company needs specialists and real talent, as well as a long-term vision that gives the team direction. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


EXPLANATORY STATEMENT (reason + action). Everything we do is motivated by a need to win; have fun; go to the next level ... What will the next idea that will get you to act?!?


Here we are fresh here, refreshed and ready for the second half of the year. We wish to have the opportunity, as we did, this summer break to recharge the batteries properly positivity, enthusiasm and creativity. RIPARTEEE YES !!


August, vacation time and well-deserved relaxation! OVOstudio closes August 13 to 26. We will return on August 27 fresh and rested, ready to face any new challenge will want to propose. To all of you wishes for a summer full of fun!


August, vacation time and well-deserved relaxation! By the way ... you have booked their holidays? Avoid unpleasant surprises by trusting the experience of professionals. But be careful, clear and precise ideas and requests that the sharks are always lurking. Do not say I told you we had!


OVOstudio Playing Card! 5 of pictures / Problem Solving: It is a cognitive process put in place to analyze a problematic situation that occurs and escogitarne a solution. It is a fundamental and essential feature for those who work in the communication field.


Often the attitude of those who do not "you" buy is determined by the fact that it does not recognize the value of your product / service. The question is, is he who does not understand you or you are not able to build that value?


Only if we look at where we want to go we can decide, at any time, to change our route. If you look hard your goal, the road percorrerai and obstacles you'll encounter will be superfluous. Only in this light, the change in direction will not be seen as a failure, a failure, but as a recalculation of our personal navigator. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


When we use the company to communicate we must not forget that things change if we give the example and not if we limit ourselves to report our opinion.


Secure the quality of your communication? Place this simple question to your best friends: FEEL A LITTLE ', BUT I DO THAT WORK? Then watch their expressions. The ability and skill of a good communicator does not only translate into large marketing campaigns, but also in simple daily conversations. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


But really! Because our brand has not yet found its identity? Because it's not something you find, it's something you create.


You have to think about the product exposed to the service offered, as an asset belonging to the collection of those who sell it. Enter the mind of your audience means to make it clear to every single individual like what you're proposing is an integral part of you, your most valuable asset, your life-blood makes you happy and how you can put it in his hands. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!


To whom he complimented saying "Belli your OVOprogetti!" We reply "Thank you, than to enjoy ourselves a lot we like to invest in us to the point that you want to invest in us ;-)".


OVOstudio Playing Card! 8 Flowers / Storyboard: It is the vision in detail designed scenes that then will make an audiovisual work. It aims to graphically illustrate what will be filmed on the set or created digitally, representing a real driving path for the figures involved.


If you like surprises facts make gifts, but do not mess around with communication strategies. Improvisation does not lead to mediocre results. Businesses planning to develop are the only option is to seek partners from the great sense of stability and confidence, really determined to protect what has grown and kept alive in recent years complex. If you like the OVOagenda2018 buy it on our egg-shop!