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All repeat "tip of the goal, focus on it, you do not deviate from the false gods ...". We need not risk missing all the beauty around us along the way?


"Right now our priority is to sell more, the brand can be expected." Hmmm ... bell horse that the grass grows.


In Clause "does not bring myself to do everything, would serve more time" we usually respond with the words of William Penn "philosopher is the time that we desire, but, alas, we use worst."


The uniqueness of a team is determined by the differences between the people who make it up. The difficulty is knowing how to identify these differences and turn them into strengths.


Good ideas are not masters and often we wonder why we are not left free to express their strength.


There are cases, not so isolated, in which the multiplication tables and the traditional marketing rules alone are not enough and where the idea always makes the difference.


SKIP: one of the Top keys on YouTube. If an advertisement is hurt and do not like, then imposing it will not help much.


Secure the quality of your communication? Try to ask this simple question to your best friends or people who frequent more: FEEL A LITTLE ', BUT I DO THAT WORK? Then watch their expressions.


Become BIG remains small today is still possible, we need a solid and well thought out strategy that allows both to start new businesses that maintain their identity in increasingly complex environments.


We intend to achieve success because we are crazy enough to think that this is possible.


With the same product and the price the customer buys the service, preferring the sympathetic, open account, with which you can establish a friendly relationship as well as professional.


Technical question: but if the goal is round because the picture comes out rectangular?


OVOstudio invites you to play! This year we decided to respect the tradition and help you make a joke for the "April" fish. Follow the instructions and play with us. Happy April Fool's joke at all!


Do not share your marketing strategy with your communications agency is like asking an architect to build the house without giving budget, info and housing needs. What you will get will be good attempts and not very good proposals, which almost never, anyway, will meet your expectations.


All year round with your (customers), at Easter with whomever you wish. Happy Easter!


To those who ask us to produce for their brand an action plan unconventional, but taking care not to bite off more than you can chew, we usually answer: do the longer wheelbase of the leg ... stretch your legs!


"Power is nothing without control", in fact as in WORDS. Their power is only effective if used wisely and controlled. Would you give a weapon never in inexperienced hands? Do not do it with words, the result would be less painful.


You reach all your goals, you will acquire many new customers, your company will serve as a comparison squares for your followers, all will share your posts, triplicherai sales, your sales force will promote the values ​​of your ...


The failures sometimes happen. We should accept what happens to us as an invitation to take another route: ours.


[...] Amale dressed, to undress that are all good. Amale defenseless and without makeup, because they do not know how much the eyes of a woman can find cover behind a veil of mascara. Amale asleep, a bit 'dented when sleep the crease. Amale knowing that do not need it: they know enough to themselves. But for that, they will know how to love you any before them. Alda Merino