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We can not search for the "real" change in others and not even need to change acquaintances. We need to change frequency.


If the question "What is the budget?" the answer is "not defined", in most cases means that it is not defined nor a strategy to implement the project.


Even advertising agencies should have their tables of the law.


Advertising loves curious, researchers, those who dig deep to probe the depths. Happy Valentine's Day!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016 presentation of the self-made women BrendaLife project incubator for women entrepreneurs stories and training programs for women.


Communication is liquid, as we try to contain it, to shape it, only by understanding the essence we can try to control it.


The empty space around the design elements is as important as the elements themselves. It gives breath to your communication and respect.


A brand is worth a thousand products. Want to grow your brand? Begin to sell it as the first of your products.


The 15:01:09 Gianni Mauro and uncorked a bottle of fine Barolo to celebrate a memorable day and begin a new adventure. Since then, every year Gianni, Mauro and Enrico not renounce their Barolo, as a celebration and a good omen for the new year. Thanks to everyone who supported us, who believed in our ideas and who have contributed to make us grow daily. The bottle is uncorked, card # OVOstudio!


The brief for the agency works as a navigator. If the data is set up correctly from the beginning the directions to the desired location will be clear (ed achieve tangible results). If during the trip also it becomes necessary a change of direction, the brief, as the navigator must be able to recalculate the route.


What is unique in our profession it is key, but if you want to be taken seriously you have to be serious.


It starts great! New year, new projects, the usual enthusiasm regenerated at best for us, but especially for you!


We will not live in a happy world as long as everyone does not hear him full freedom to express themselves and express their creativity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Perhaps they have been led to believe that it is easy to realize a communication project, while not at all. We always suggest you try.


Although mediocrity everyone agrees, we should not allow anyone to limit our capacity for creative expression.


If we make so much effort to make our voices heard it is because people have learned to defend themselves from miscommunication.


Each of us has one side "scientific" and a "creative", the first to believe only what we see and the second stops time, deforms space, allows us to realization of our dreams.


Formula of "copy and paste" of which every good communication agency should never be abused. A possible solution? Well ... buy throughout the study keyboards devoid of these keys?


When work becomes pleasant ... then you smile!


OVOarticolo - Fears are part of our growth mechanism. The monster is what is different from us, that frightens us at the same time and we admire. It is an approach to the unknown, to change. Happy Halloween!