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OVOstudio, communication agency

We are a communication agency founded in Padua, operating in the sector since 1994.
We deal with strategic brand positioning, developing web oriented applications, and designing online and offline sweepstakes.

We help companies become more memorable within their target market by finding the most effective way to communicate their product or service online and offline. This is our passion and it has become a true mission


Are you constantly on the lookout for new ways to get your company name out there, acquire new customers, and stay competitive in the market?

The answer is to develop a strong branding strategy. We will take care of:
• logo design
• corporate identity
• advertising pages
• packaging
• leaflets and flyers
• catalogs

Make your company image clear, recognizable, and effective.

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Web & Web Application

Having an online presence is necessary nowadays, but it’s important that it be incisive and unique. We create websites and applications to help you reach your customers and give them all the information they’re looking for.

We always use cutting-edge technologies:
• websites that can be interfaced with company management systems
• web applications
• hybrid applications

Transform your online presence.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a key lever for business growth. It is measurable, controllable, and constantly changing and evolving. We will support you in your analysis and strategies which are useful for converting the digital user into a customer.

You can count on us for:
• designing your funnel strategy
• creating newsletters and DEM campaigns
• drafting editorial plans and content
• managing social media channels
• designing and monitoring ad campaigns

Draw authentic and active followers to your channels.

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Prize competitions

Keep your customers and followers active and reward their loyalty with sweepstakes and contests both on and offline.

Together we will study the mechanics best suited to your goals and target, creating:
• gaming platforms
• paper material used for the competitions
• regulations and red tape
• award events

Your customers will win but, most importantly, so will the company.

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Halloween, festival or monstrous business? While some say that children have no purchasing power, international brand for years build on "pester power" their marketing and communications strategies.


Serve always at least a "devil's advocate", it is essential that you criticize someone in an authentic way and that dissent be heard. The risk of a homogeneous group does not propose creative choices.


The customer is not always what it seems!


Formula of "copy and paste" of which every good communication agency should never be abused. A possible solution? Well ... buy throughout the study keyboards devoid of these keys?


Creative? Competence, flexibility, ability to think outside the box. And underlying good idea.


The councils of elders "The company is the most important thing is not built in one generation. Be inspired by the world around you and try to be great in the little things of every day."


We should ask ourselves, with absolute honesty, if we are not so able to make a trade, how to organize and coordinate other people: our employees and future employees.


In each of us there is the strength to do more of what we do.