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Manual Auditing & Auditing through tools.
Conducting a website audit benefits any business aiming to increase its online presence. A site audit identifies problems with website architecture. As a result, sites learn where to improve technical site performance.


  • Web Content - User trust
  • Technical SEO & SEO On-page Report
  • Speed & Performance Report
  • Information Architecture - Navigation
  • Responsive Design - Mobile UX Report
  • Legal Compliance Report

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  • Everything included in Basic Package +

  • Competition Report
  • Accesibility Report
  • Security Report
  • Tag performance Report

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  • Visibility of System Status Report
  • Analytics
  • Traffic Report
  • Custom Action Plan

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Areas of a Website Audit


What messaging and tone of voice is converting and what isn’t. content audit is essential for ensuring your brand identity remains consistent.
Reflects who you are as a business, but also identify what content is driving conversions and what could do with a refresh.

Your content is powerful so it’s essential you get it right


Analyze the speed of your web page, ensure key pages load in an optimal time, slow page speeds also negatively affect the user experience.

When you analyze a web page, you will see a Performance score, that will help you understand if any actions need to be taken. A score above 90 is generally considered good.

We analyze the code, we evaluate the presence of technical errors, the speed and all other technical parameters that can affect website indexing level.


An SEO audit measures how well your website is optimised for search, this can include analysing keywords, link profiles, traffic behaviour, goal conversions, meta data and image and video optimisation. A technical audit is concerned with your website’s overall usability and functionality, identify your technical SEO and On-page SEO strengths & weaknesses.


Cookie consents, disclaimers, and privacy policies represent a tiny fracture of the many legal requirements that websites must adhere to.

By having these elements in place, you’re not only enforcing a safe online environment but improving the overall customer experience.


It identifies vulnerabilities to security breaches. A security audit prevents compromising sensitive information of a business or its visitors.

Security technology called an SSL certificate protects websites from attacks—and gives visitors confidence that your site is authentic and trustworthy.


Makes it easy to overlook any problems a user may have ensuring your website is user-friendly, focus on issues that we know impact end users

User experience and design is a strategic process of enhancing a website by improving the visual elements, usability, accessibility, and interactions to ensure the site is user friendly and intuitive to use.


By web accessibility we mean the possibility, by computer systems, to provide services also to those who are affected by temporary and non-temporary disabilities, and who therefore use auxiliary technologies.

Evaluation that helps authors make their web content more accessible to individuals with disabilities.


On average, visitors now spend more than half of their time online on a mobile device. That means a mobile-friendly website is now a critical part of your online presence.

Is you website 100% mobile friendly at any screen size? You’ll want to check that every page and image is loading correctly and is responsive to different screen sizes.


Knowing what online strategies your competitors are carrying out is paramount to staying on top of your industry discover insights and opportunities to implement into their own online strategies.


Website main and local navigation easy to use and follow, a good navigation system presents the structure of the information hierarchy and indicate user’s current location clearly, this is especially important in a complex system. A well done navigation system helps users to build a mental model of the information hierarchy to make sense of the information easily.


An active social media presence is important to website traffic. A relevant and targeted social media strategy drives more qualified leads. It also increases visibility and improves engagement. A social media audit analyzes which content channels perform best. Content channels include tools like blogs, video, infographics, and social media.


A website audit is an examination of your site's overall performance before moving on with search engine optimization (SEO) or website redesign.

A detailed website evaluation will help you understand:

  • why your site is not generating enough traffic
  • why your sales and conversation rates are not improving
  • what's confusing your visitors
  • what technical issues exist

A website audit can provide you with a functional plan that will help you:

  • Identify your site's weaknesses and how to do the proper changes.
  • Analyze your competitors and use the findings to your benefit.
  • Check the SEO efficiency of your site
  • Develop a plan for your website's future.

If you believe that your site is not generating the traffic or search rankings that your competitors have, the best thing you can do is get a website audit.

An audit will check your site for site errors and help you discover what can be improved on your pages to boost your search engine visibility.

In researching website audits, you’ll probably find that there are plenty of different things you can measure. Are you looking to identify specific reasons why you’ve fallen in search rankings? Or do you want to find opportunities for growth? Do you want to just set a benchmark for measuring improvements against?. If you’ve never had a website audit, you should do a comprehensive audit that can serve as a baseline for your planning and improvement efforts.

Website audits should be considered a part of regular maintenance for your site. If you want to continue to grow your online presence and improve your website, you need to consistently monitor your performance and assess your website to identify opportunities for improvement.

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