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Non Solo Sport

A wide assortment of national and international brands and attention to trends in the world of sportswear and fashion for leisure, all makes Non Solo Sport (Not Just Sport) a dynamic reality, which captures the attention and interest of athletes and beyond.

When sport becomes fashion, it’s impossible to resist. This is at the core of the rebranding process of this brand, carried out with the goal of renewing the corporate image and raising awareness of the wide range of products in the target audience.

An active presence in the area is essential for closing the distance and making the customer feel that they are exactly where they want to be.

Promotions should not simply represent ease of purchase for the customer but also an opportunity to inform them of the points of sale and convince them to buy what they don’t yet know they want. This is why we’ve created a contextualized program of activities, working in harmony with the company marketing department.

A fashion product, whether sporty or otherwise, must already be captured in the online poster or image. Doing photo shoots with top collaborators in the fashion world was essential to promote the product, and therefore the brand, in the best possible way.

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