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Anima Bio

All the effectiveness of the benefits offered by the plant world, in products highly compatible with the skin, certified to offer maximum safety and naturalness. This is the message we needed to communicate through the packaging and ADV campaigns of the Animo Bio brand, to highlight its product lines and the philosophy from which they were born.

We worked with the company from the creation of the logo to the study of the creative concept for the product packaging. The starting point? The natural ingredients chosen for each line. From their actual appearance to their graphic reproduction, with the graphically effective choice of colors consistent with the ingredients.

Once the distinctive graphic elements for each line were established, the product packaging was created, chosen according to the selected pack. Additionally, ADV communications were created on the customer's communication support networks, coherently aligned with the brand's organic philosophy.

The development of a responsive web platform was also fundamental to allow the user to get to know the brand and its products, offering detailed information for each item, supported by video material.

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