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Isola dei Tesori

The chain of pet shops with an Italian heart
Food, hygiene, and accessories for man's best friend.

An advertising partner aims to make the company name known, but even before that its goal is to hit the eye and heart of the beholder.

The point of sale is the place of contact between the company and the customer. And you know, if the customer retains a pleasant memory, the first meeting becomes the second, third, then fourth.

We love to build a story around the company that the company itself would never dream it could say. We tell a tale about animals, man's very best friend from childhood, and from childhood we departed for a nice instructional piece on how to be by their side every day.

Gaming is an essential aspect in rewarding the customer for their loyalty. The company is made up of people who live the company concept every day from inside and outside, and gaming is a creative way to say thank you to them.

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