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Content Marketing

Content marketing and storytelling: OVOstudio at your side, telling your story

The stories behind products are invaluable and for your product or service to be successful it is essential to know how to tell its story.

OVOstudio will help you find the soul of your business, transforming it into words, and building an original and unique content marketing strategy, a one-of-a-kind just for your company.

The storytelling and content marketing services offered by OVOstudio are:


Choice of platforms

Selection and implementation of the support for users of the content, i.e. websites, blogs, magazines, house organs, and infographics, including animated.

Interview brief

In-depth investigation for defining the specific characteristics of the products and services, which can then be used to establish the content produced.

Content editing

Defining an editorial plan that includes commercial and entertainment content followed by drafting individual content according to agreed characteristics.

SEO optimization

Content control and correction done according to SEO metrics for platform indexing.

Language translations

Professional translation of content, with native speakers who can identify the specific technical terms of each business.

Do you want to discover some of OVOstudio's works?

Abbazia di Spineto

Estate extending about 800 hectares within the municipality of Sarteano, in the province of Siena.


A men's and women's clothing company of the major ‘Made in Italy’ fashion brands, since 1998.


Company focused on the tissue regeneration sector with their lines of bio-materials, growth factors, and implant coatings.

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